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       Welcome to our home town Olympic Beach of Pieria, that has the exclusive advantage of being close to our customers interests.Our very clean and organised beaches, our good food, our entertainment, our interesting market, the rich history of our area but most of all the hospitality that we offer as the owners of the "rooms for rent" in Olympic Beach make us an unmistable choice.

Where is Olympic Beach

       Seven kilometres from the centre of Katerini, following a beautiful scenic route lined with fruit bearing trees, you find yourself at crystal clear beaches of the Thermaikos Gulf.Here a Olympic Beach is built, a tourist settlement especially for relaxation with numerous and comfortable rooms and apartments flats for rent and always the helpful owners offer their hospitality with open arms.

Olympic Beach

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       In a 3 kilometres coast a visitor can swim, play in the sant or drink his coffee to the numerous beach bar.


       At Olympic Beach you have the opportunity of shopping of all interests and fine dining and entertainment souvenir shops.Jewelry stores and clothes Boutiques are at your disposal.

       From Olympic Beach visitor have the opportunity to go on guided tours to the sights of the surrounding area and also of the entire country, such as the ancient city of Dion, Mount Olympos, the castle of Platamon, the ancient city of Pidna, Vergina, Agion Oros, Meteora, Delphi, the Acropolis and many other sights that are worth a visit.


       During his stay, a visitor can combine entertainment and sports through a big variety of sports activities such as volleyball, football, basketball, riding, pedal boat, water ski, etc.

       Entertainment can be completed with day or night amusement at various restaurants, taverns with live music, cafes, bars and clubs of the region.Local events with traditional and modern music and dances from Greece or abroad enrich even more the entertainment choices.